Kevin Eagan - Aug 30, 2017

What are the first steps in the design and management of and Inbound Marketing strategy for tour operators? The first step corresponds to the day-to-day dreaming of the user, who surfs and looks for relevant and interesting content when he is connected to channels where he is active. That is, build a social strategy that draws the user's attention. It goes without saying that at the moment the easiest channel to manage for a tour operator is a Facebook page.

So, here are some tips to optimize your social strategy in view of Inbound Marketing for tour operators.

Fish where fish are: know how, where and when to throw the hook

Identify your core target, study their habits on Facebook and then communicate directly with them. You can use Facebook Advertising Tools to get as many target users as possible. You can make your post a sponsored one with a minimum budget.

Talk in a simple, clear and direct way

No rule is more appropriate when dealing with a diverse audience as on Facebook. Choose short phrases in your posts, direct and in line with the content of any videos or photos used.

Ask yourself about the activities of your Tour Operator

Why should users choose the services of your tour operator compared to the competition? You need to know the answer to this question thoroughly before driving it through diversified content on social networks.

Know Your Customers

Your experience in running tour business will allow you to outline statistics of your customers' main characteristics. Now it is time to do the same with users online to figure out how they move, what they look for and what they are interested in, in order to provide them with excellent content. Facebook insights are of great help to carry out this preliminary activity.

Share Photos and Videos About Tour Services

A picture is worth over a thousand words. You will certainly have a database of various travel activities you have organized over time: guided tours, adventures, customized travel services. Choose the most beautiful. Choose smiles, emotions, sharing past times, and use them to create posts. If you do not have a database, it is time to create one from your next activity. Remember to enable your photos and videos on your channel to be seen by all your followers.

Choose with a testimonial and influencer criterion

Have you ever thought about communicating through a testimonial or an influencer? Choosing a testimonial to test your business might be the right lever to gain a new target or open a channel among the younger ones. You have several channels to experiment on and many testimonials that will be happy to try your travel services.


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