Travel Video Advertising

Pictures are a great way to exhibit your arts as a picture can say a thousand words. Scientifically, it is a proven fact that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text in the brain.
Is there any need for you to have video to boost sales and services?
Obviously, it is important to have a video ad explaining more to people your services, it is also worthy to note that people are so fond of videos and enjoy watching more of it. Businesses grow when some steps are duly followed and applied which video ad is one of the things that will help you successfully apply those steps. To have a successful business, you need customers or clients but there is also great need to have this clients attracted to your business which is exactly what helps you earn in your business.


  • Easier to process by the brain and faster: Your clients can digest a lot of information quite fast and often attracted to remain on your site.
  • It can easily be spread across social media to friends and friends of friend
  • Increased traffic
  • Improved SEO ranking

Considering the enormous benefits of tourism video, it becomes essential mostly to employ it in your online marketing strategy:

  • Because customers spend more time with videos
  • Customers stay longer when they watch videos
  • Clients often visit Websites after watching videos (over 65%)
  • YouTube enjoy over 1 billion visitors monthly
  • Online videos are more social engaging (over 100%)


  • More exposure to your target audience
  • Higher click rate from your visitors
  • Greater conversion lifts (Over 45%)
  • Greater Brand impact (Over 130%)

Our video marketing platform and method guarantee manifold outcome as the video content is:

  • Exposed on all website through our video marketing portfolio
  • Within our video blog
  • Within our Directories - as part of your company presentation in all our 10 directories languages
  • Within Tourism locator - match travel content presentation geographically on our website


  • We help you reach a greater audience using a multilingual approach to get you targeted clients
  • Help you attract more clients
  • Expose your services to different social media and help you convert this good $$.

Our tourism video marketing team could create post and market your video messages through a world travel market across varied languages and countries.

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