Larry Brain - Aug 30, 2017

For inbound tour operators, storytelling is a great content marketing option. It makes tour operators closer to users. It also naturally binds to the offer of the travel and destination services, leverages the emotional side of discovery and experience, and involves users in the narration techniques.

In the area of travel and tourism, storytelling is a fantastic fit, because every traveller starts the adventure from the stage of dream and curiosity and then turns into a narrator. The services offered by inbound tour operators are the ones that are most appropriate to be told.

For the variety of services offer, for the nature of activities proposed, for the great differentiation of adventure, discovery and opportunities, the activity of a tour operator is one that blends perfectly with storytelling techniques.

Storytelling is a Content Marketing strategy that instead of communicating a product in an institutional way, does so telling a story and involving the recipients of the story as an active part of the narrative itself. Storytelling stimulates the user emotionally. It transports him in the world where emotions count. Adventure, experience, sharing, positive feelings—aren't these the emotions that help us choose a type of trip instead of another?

There are users who prefer the museum path, hiking users, users interested in the wellness route. For each of them a tour operator already has an offer of services designed and tailored to the customer's tastes. Now, we have to find a way not to sell these services, but to describe them. Then the users will be intrigued, impressed and attracted to choose the services offered. Though services may be similar with many travel services provided in given destination, the storytelling technique allows you to make them unique. Because no operator can have the same story as another, or the same product-related experience due to the fact that each story is unique.

The role of Millennials

For inbound tour operators, the Millennials are not only a privileged target because they are inclined to choose the experiences and the activities they offer, but also because they are the best brand spokespersons. The reason for this is that digital natives are always open to new experiences.
Storytelling is one of the most suitable marketing strategies for Millennials, who choose to travel to experience emotions. After that,t they share them directly and in real time via social networks.
Considering that today the Millennials represent 20% of travellers worldwide and that the trend will grow in the coming years, it will come in handy for every tour operator to create a strategy based on storytelling to be up-to-date.

Where to start?

Storytelling for Inbound Tour Operators in 5 Steps

  1. Identify the story that best represents you
  2. Choose how to tell it
  3. Identify the social network that best fits your strategy
  4. Involve the users in your story
  5. Remember that at the end of a story, another story begins


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