FAQ: Tourism Marketing Services Across Travel Markets

Tourism Savvy is part of Tourism Review Media dedicated to tourism marketing made easy through all spectrum of the Tourism Review portfolio and further. Tourism Revie marketing team serves travel and hospitality industry customers since 2006.

Because the international nature of our services and customers, our team members are across five locations worldwide with the head quarter in Manchester, UK.

Virtually we work over all travel markets around the globe. However, our special approach is the in-market penetration, as our media published in 10-languages across the largest developed and developing travel markets. Tourism Review publishing languages are following: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

There is a high range: tourist boards, travel fairs and exhibitions organizers, destination management companies/inbound tour operators, hotels, etc.

Yes, within a wide range of the tourism marketing services there are some inexpensive solutions affordable even for small travel and hospitality companies ad start-ups. For example, listing I the Tourism Directory/Tourism Locator, posting advertorial content and some others.

Yes, Tourism Savvy offers content marketing solutions, from a single guest/advertorial post to a complex publicity campaign with targeting different keywords across different travel markets.

In the online world increasing sales = increasing targeted traffic to your web property/website + conversion site visitors to customers. In Tourism Savvy we provide the first component – increase targeted traffic to your site concerning both short and long terms However if this increased traffic will be converted to the new customers and therefore increase sale depends on the quality you web presentation and quality of services combined with its cost you offer.

For hotel, we could provide for example a low-cost promo solution – combination of the Geo-targeted listing in the Tourism Locator and advertorial article where the accommodation will be linked to the destination introduced as an attractive travel option.

Yes, we do provide email marketing services by distribution your message in the form of the dedicated HTML newsletter. The dedicated HTML could be sent either to all Tourism Review subscribers or choose categories if required, for example – tour operators/travel agents, hotels, etc. Please contact us for more details on specific requirements.

Multilingual tourism promotion is exactly as it stated – travel or hospitality services are promoted in two or more languages simultaneously. Multilingual tourism marketing is the must when specific travel markets need to be approached, for example, Germany or Russia.

There are three major options available – wire transfer, PayPal or by debit/credit card through the Tourism Review in-house e-commerce solution.

Many benefits are working with us, just mention few – Tourism Savvy one stop shop even for complex tourism marketing campaigns. Another unique selling point is the opportunity to market travel and hospitality services across foreign travel markets, including remote ones. The very affordable marketing costs should be mentioned as well.

Yes, we do. For smaller travel businesses and start-ups, some low-cost tourism marketing solutions are available.

We are glad to be successful in such competitive market as online tourism marketing. Our key competitive advantage is the clear focus on the travel and tourism industry. The market knowledge and wide range of services let's serve our customers superbly at low cost.

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